Fire lighting workshop

 Under the guidance of one of our instructors you will learn how to use primitive and modern methods of fire lighting in a safe controlled environment. Once the fire is lit, sit back and enjoy  toasting  marshmallows!

Shelter Building

Be as creative as you can in this shelter building workshop. Using a variety of natural and man made materials build your survival shelter. Who’s shelter will stand the test?

Wood carving station

Our instructors will teach you traditional and modern techniques to design and carve a variety of instruments including spoons, bowls, and bows etc.

Stalking lecture & stealth games

Enjoy listening to how our ancestors and modern hunters track and stalk wild game. Put this in to practice in the woods/open field to see if you could avoid the predator.

Traditional Bracelet making

Make your very own bracelet from natural grass or paracord. Learn the different weaving methods used to create the different patterns and even select your personal colours and buckles/ties.

Animal Skinning

Discover how our food is prepared before it reaches the high street supermarkets. We have Rabbit, Salmon, Pigeon, and even Muntjac deer dependant upon season.

Wild cooking

Join the camp chef in preparing and cooking the daily food on offer that day. It could be wild game or preparing and cooking your own pizza’s on the famous Rocbox wood fired oven.

Slack lining

A relatively new form of activity to hit the UK, this is truly a test of balance and nerves. Similar to tight rope walking, only the rope is wider and under tension allowing for a spring return. Don’t worry! It is carried out at a low height with adequate mats. 

S.A.F.E Archery

S.A.F.E archery is a patented activity trademarked S.A.F.E. Archery® Non-Lethal Arrow, with  exclusive Safe Nock™ and soft foam tip. It has the same flight characteristics of a standard arrow yet is much safer. The foam tip makes it a safe activity for children.

 It is a great way to get kids involved with archery as well as providing a fun activity that enhances eye-hand coordination, increases upper body strength, and helps to develop self-discipline. S.A.F.E. Archery® Arrow is safe and fun for everyone!

Navigation/orienteering – Scavenger Hunt

Learn how to navigate in order to tick off or find key waypoints . It could be real treasure that your searching for!

Camouflage and concealment

Add to the effect of the stalking/stealth games by camouflaging appropriately. Learn the methods used and see the difference it makes.

I’m a celebrity eating challenge

Take the challenge to see if your taste buds can identify the food your eating. Children have the opportunity to take part or sit back and see the full extent of what their friends are eating!

Blindfold obstacle course

Navigate your way just by touch to your allocated finish along our rope course. Alternatively, be guided by a partner through an obstacle course in a race to remember.

First Aid Workshop

Learn  first aid from our qualified camp leaders who all hold an advanced first aid certificate in the relevant outdoors qualification. Be prepared though to use your new found knowledge in an unexpected twist of events.

Tug of war like no other!

In true warrior style  take on each other in teams to win the ultimate world tug of war championship. This tug of war however may not be as you know it...

Intrepid’s got talent

Work as a group to come up with something impressive to deliver in front of your competitor’s. This could be creative, magical, mystifying, or just plain disgusting. A prize could be at stake!

Giant Catapult target practice

Use our giant catapults to fire soft objects into targets and score more than your opposition within the time zone.

Giant Catapult water balloon war

Its time for revenge on that friend who made you stand up in the Intrepid's got talent activity! Use the giant catapults to fire small water balloons into no mans land and get the opposition out of the game. If your wet....your out!

Raft building (Holiday Camps only)

Both our sites  have fantastic swimming  pools perfect for raft building. Build your teams craft and race to find out who is the champion! (Please check availability on booking).

Ultimate Frisby

This really is the best game in the world! Work in teams to throw the frisby to your team mate’s  into the landing zones or into the goals. Be warned….these frisbie’s are the fastest in the world.

Team building games

A variety of games played in groups  often within a set time. The games include all the usual tasks set to challenge and mould a team together. They are designed to develop resilience and communication skills, not to mention listening to others opinions.

Traditional sports

Choose from a wide range of traditional sports including football, netball, tag rugby, blindfold football, rounders, softball, longball, cricket, dodgeball and many more. Make use of the qualified PE teachers knowledge that make up the camp leaders on site (please see the staff profiles on the About Us page).

Advanced Firelighting & Camp Cooking

Alongside using modern methods of firelighting, children also experience bowdrill / flint and steel, and survival methods of lighting the essential flame. We prepare and make our very own bread/pancakes and add various components to spruce up the taste. Traditional cooking methods over an open fire with cast iron dutch ovens and flat pans ensure the best possible tastes come through. 

Intrepid Survivor!

Learn the essential elements to survival and put those into practice to see what group are the ultimate survivors. Firelighting, shelter building, water purification and food preparation are just a few of the activities expected of the little survivors.

Advanced Woodcarving Station 8Yr+

Learn how to make advanced carvings using the latest cutting techniques. A bow and arrow, cutlery, catapult and many more objects are waiting to be carved from the local wood available.